about us

“The future of food is the future of our planet. A better, cleaner and fairer world begins with what we put on our plates and our daily choices determine the future of the environment, economy and society.”

Slow Food USA

PT Inti Organik Anugerah was started in 2013. We grow only organic crops on the island of Java in Indonesia. Our produce are currently distributed through local wholesalers.

our premises

Our premises is secluded on high valleys of nearby Mount Gede Pangrango which is about 110 kilometers southeast of Jakarta, Indonesia. Its cooler tropical climate, virgin volcanic loam and 12-hour daylight are ideal for growing vegetables all year round.

climate graph ciwalen
Ciwalen climate graph

Our Köppen-Geiger climate is classified as Af (tropical wet), that is why even during driest month we still have a lot of rainfall. Thanks to the altitude of 801 m above mean sea level, our average daily temperature here averages 22.0 °C while annual precipitation averages 2729 mm. These growing conditions make various selections of vegetables happily grow on our 15-hectare farm.

Currently, two hectares of the land area are under cultivation while the rest are under development. To date there are 4 greenhouses covering 7800 square-meter area. Our produce is grown in a modern, Israeli-film greenhouses with overhead irrigation systems.

Reservoirs, filled during the rainy season, hold well over 600 cubic-meter of water, sufficient for watering the plants during the rainy season. An additional 750 cubic-meter reservoir is under construction to meet further expansion plans.

A deep 120-meter water well, equips our farm during the dry season to supply the ample amount of pristine water to nourish our organic produce with the purest water available.

Three compost houses are also situated within the area to make our own nutritious organic compost for our produce.

our produce

Our organic produce are strictly heirloom, non-GMO varieties, the ones that are most suitable for our tropical climate.

Presently, we are concentrating on higher-end produce such as pink Japanese ‘Momotaro’ beefsteak tomato, edamame ‘Ryokou’ and blue Russian kale.

We are open for clients to pre-order their customised organic produce, as currently our market is limited to local wholesalers only. However, we are constantly looking forward to reaching other ASEAN countries and beyond.

our practice

Our practice is simple, we grow premium quality, certifiable organic vegetables, which means no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used on our farms—only approved organic materials are utilized in crop production.

We combine tried-and-true sustainable practices, like planting beneficial flowers to attract “good bugs” that help control pests in the fields, and scheduled crop rotations (just to name a couple).

Our fresh organic vegetables taste great. Everything we grow, we serve to our own families, friends and employees, and we expect our products to meet the highest quality standards.


our promise

Our promise is more than just words, it’s our conscience that complies to IFOAM most stringent organic farming standards. Attached here is our organic certification statement from INOFICE Indonesia.

Our organic produce is grown in regenerative agricultural systems that are replete with micronutrients and healthy microbes. As a result, our produce will tend to be more nutritious than their conventional counterparts. It’s important to realize that nutrient content will be largely dictated by the health of the soils in which it is grown.

But another factor that comes into play is the presence of pesticides. As we probably know, or should know, conventional agriculture is heavily dependent on synthetic pesticides, whereas organic standards prohibit their use.

It stands to reason, then, that organic foods would expose us to lower amounts of toxic chemicals, which in and of itself can result in improved health. In fact, a key part of a healthy diet and lifestyle in general is the absence of toxic chemicals.

In the video above, one regular family agreed to the experiment and after only one week of eating only organic foods, their test results are dramatically different. As the mother of the household puts it, these are chemicals she does’t want back inside of her children.

Now we know more about what happens in the body when switching from conventional to organic food. The result was so interesting that the film was shared with the masses.  We want to inspire more people to eat organic – because it is good for both people and the environment!


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